Friday, October 24

What's up with Just Local?

For those of you who have hung in there with us on this seldom-used blog or if you're new to our page, we apologize for the lame web presence.  A beautiful & informative new website is just around the corner!

In the meantime, for current contact information, news, and general fun, please visit us on our facebook page:

If you're looking to reach someone right now:

Store Management:

Board of Directors:

Customer Service:

Open Daily 8am-9pm
1117 S. Farwell St.
Eau Claire, WI  54701

Thursday, May 15

2014 Board Election Materials

Interested in running for a seat on our board?
Please click the link below to our flier and board election materials.

Board Election Materials

Thursday, October 17

Board Election Update

The results are in (with 100% of precincts reporting)....
The customer-owners have elected three directors to the governing board that serves them:
Virginia Hanson, Brandon Buchanan, and Rachel Hart-Brinson.
Thank you to everyone who voted and a special thanks to all of the candidates, including those who were not elected: Gail Halmstad, Kim Schmidt, Stephanie Wical, and Dave Lindner.
We appreciate your enthusiasm and support and look forward to all of the great things to come here in Eau Claire and at our cooperative.
Your ideas and opinions are always welcome.
The Board of Directors
Just Local Food Cooperative

Tuesday, October 8

Become a Customer-Owner and VOTE!
Customer-Owner Election is Monday, October 14th!

See link below for all the details.

Thursday, September 12

Just Local Food gets "Co-op-ier".

Thanks to Volume One for sharing in our excitement about becoming a Customer & Worker Owned Collective.

Sunday, September 1

Consumer Ownership begins Today!

We know it's been a long time coming.  Just Local Food Cooperative is excited to announce that we have Consumer Ownership shares available beginning today, Sunday, September 1st. 

This long awaited change to our structure is an important step toward meeting our goal of creating a vibrant & thriving local food cooperative in Eau Claire.    Becoming an Owner is a great way to save money & cultivate a stronger local food community - and it gives YOU a voice in the cooperative.  Vote for our Board of Directors or run for a seat yourself. 

However you choose to be involved - as an owner or regular shopper, Just Local Food is here to serve our community.  We will continue to provide the best foods we can find - justly produced & local when possible - for our collective enjoyment & health.

Becoming an Owner is simple.  Fill out an application form at the front counter.  Purchase your equity share ($150 share= lifetime owner) & enjoy your benefits immediately.   See our in store flyer & application for more details.

A huge THANK YOU!  to our customers & friends for your years of continued support.  We would not be making this important step without you.  Your continued support as Owners & Customers will ensure Just Local Food is here to serve our community for many years to come.

Sunday, August 25

Closing at 8pm Sunday, August 25th

We'll be closing early tonight to have our floors cleaned & buffed.  Will be open regular hours again tomorrow - 8am to 9pm.    Thanks!

Monday, August 12

Just Local Food is Hiring!

We are hiring a full time storekeeper. 

If you are outgoing, interested in being part of the growing food movement, dedicated to excellence in customer service, and have a willingness to learn, laugh and grow - we'd love to meet you!

Please submit cover letter, resume & availability by Tuesday, August 20th to:

Monday, April 29

We are hiring a full-time store keeper!

 Are you self-motivating? Do you love food and people?

Bring in your cover letter, resume and availability by Friday, May 10 to apply for the position! A full job description can be found HERE.

Please direct any inquiries to Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!

Friday, April 12

Order seeds at Just Local Food!

We place the next Seed Savers order on Sunday, April 14 so order your seeds NOW before spring arrives in all it's green glory! Head over to to view their catalog online or browse one in store.

Arugula, spinach, peas and greens... Seed Savers has them all!

You can place your order in the store or by emailing

Happy Planting!

Tuesday, April 2

Applications accepted through tomorrow!

Just Local Food is hiring! We are now taking resumes and cover letters for a Marketing and Consumer Owner Services Coordinator. Please click on the blue text to access the job description.

To apply, please direct all emails to Please attach your resume and cover letter and provide your availability along with three (3) professional or personal references by Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013.

Alternatively, hard copies can be dropped off at the store or mailed to:

Just Local Food Cooperative
ATTN: Hiring Team
1117 South Farwell Street
Eau Claire, WI 54701

Inquiries about this position can be directed to

Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you!

Applications accepted through tomorrow!

Just Local Food is hiring! We are now taking resumes and cover letters for a Development Coordinator.
Please click on the blue text to access the job description.

To apply, please direct all emails to Please attach your resume and cover letter and provide your availability along with three (3) professional or personal references by Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013.

Alternatively, hard copies can be dropped off at the store or mailed to:

Just Local Food Cooperative
ATTN: Hiring Team
1117 South Farwell Street
Eau Claire, WI 54701

Inquiries about this position can be directed to

Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you!

Tuesday, March 26


Hello Friends,
One more ham-and-lamb update for those of you who might be interested:

We just got in a bunch of quartered bone-in hams (4-5 pound average) from the Deutsch Family Farm in Osseo, WI.  Hogs are raised on pasture and organic grain.  Probably the best ham you'll ever eat.  $5.99 per pound.
Also available are quartered bone-in hams (3-4 pound average) from Together Farm in Mondovi, WI.  These hogs are raised on pasture, woodlot, and organic grain.  Hams contain no nitrate of any kind.  $6.99 per pound.
And we will have a couple more lamb legs arriving FRESH on Thursday.  Extremely flavorful and chemical-free, raised by Duane and Deanna Klindworth of Lamb-a-Lot Acres (Augusta, WI).  Bone-in: $11.49 per pound.  Butterfly-cut: $11.99 per pound.
Of course, there are many other traditional and eccentric offerings for you and your family: uncured pork belly, oxtail, rabbit, pork shoulder, grass-fed beef and buffalo steak, sausage of all sorts, fermented salami, whole chickens, parts of chickens, wild sockeye salmon, whitefish, cod, and scallops!!!

Come and get it--or e-mail Nik at with all your meaty requests.

Best regards,

Thursday, March 14


Howdy Friends,

Here's a quick update to inform you of our latest meat-centric goings-on:

For Saint Patrick's Day--or for those of you who enjoy a good brisket--we have on sale in the cooler Crescent Meats' fresh corned beef: $3.99 per pound (chemical-free and delicious).  Try slow-cooking it in a bottle of stout with cabbage and all the fixings.  This is even better the next day as a reuben on good crusty bread.

For Easter--or for those of you who like ham and leg-of-lamb--we have (or will soon have) the following:

Crescent Meats' fresh smoked ham: $3.99 per pound (chemical-free and delicious from Cadott, WI);
Deutsch Family Farm's smoked bone-in ham: $5.99 per pound (raised on certified organic pasture in Osseo, WI);
Together Farm's smoked bone-in ham: $6.99 per pound (raised on pasture and woodlot in Mondovi, WI--no nitrates of any kind!!!);
Lamb-a-Lot Acres' bone-in and butterfly-cut lamb legs: $11.49 and $11.99 per pound (chemical-free and delicious from Augusta, WI)

And, for fun, try Bolzano Artisan Meats' wonderful new "Pitzotl Salami" (heirloom pork, fermented with cocoa powder and chiles).  Remember your "pig meat punchcard"!!!

Best regards,
Nik the Just Local Food Meathead

Postscript: Round One of the Pancetta Petition is now closed and said petition calling on Charcuterie Master Scott Buer to make his best-in-state garlic-infused fermented pork belly has been submitted.

Saturday, February 23

Seeds in Stock! (And we're taking special orders)!!

We now have seeds in stock from Seed Savers for only $1.99 and are taking special orders through the growing season! Here's a great gardening resource from Mother Earth News, crop by crop to get you through the (beautifully) snow days...

If you have any questions or seek more information, contact!

Happy planting!

Saturday, February 9

Avocado Sale!

We have ripe avocados for only 59 CENTS each!! They are certified organic and ready for your guacamole, salad, or vegan chocolate pudding needs!!

Tuesday, January 1

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! We're closed today for inventory but we'll be open regular hours again tomorrow. Thank you all for your loyal support and dedication to local farmers, delicious food and us in 2012! 
We're excited for what 2013 will bring!

Sunday, December 23

Perfect your holiday feast at Just Local Food!!

We still have food for your holiday feast!!

Just Local Food is open today until 9pm and tomorrow, Christmas eve, from 8am - 3pm for your last minute holiday feast needs!

Looking for a quick stuffing fix? Arrowhead Mills Organic Savory Herb Stuffing is $3.89 (regularly $4.99) 
In the meat department, we have fresh hams from Crescent meats in Cadott. They are smoked, cooked and antibiotic free and they're only $3.99/lb.
 There is also ONE beef tenderloin left in the store. It's from Crescent Meats, is antibiotic free and $23.99/lb.

The produce department has everything you need for your fruit or veggie platter, from cherry tomatoes to carrots to kumquats and kiwi.
Stock up for your holiday feast with these certified organic staples! Here's what's on sale through Christmas:
Cranberries are $2.29 per 7.5 oz. container (regularly $4.49)
Celery is $1.99 per bunch (regularly $2.29)
Fresh rosemary, thyme and sage are $2.59 per 3/4 oz. package (regularly $2.99)
Navel oranges are $5.99 per 4 lb. bag (regularly $6.99)

Remember the organic egg nog (on sale for $3.99), beer, cheese, bread, and spices while you're here!

We're happy to help you plan that perfect holiday dish!

Saturday, December 15

Cast iron cookware!

Lodge cast iron cookware is a great gift for the chef in your family... or yourself! And it's now available at Just Local Food.

Cast iron fortifies your food with iron, is a chemical free alternative to non-stick pans, can last for 

generations when well cared for and transfers easily from stove top to the oven.

Some of us think everything tastes better cooked in cast iron. Fried eggs, roasted vegetables, omelets, braised pork chops, grass-fed beef steaks, stroganoff and nearly everything else you can think of!

What do YOU cook in cast iron?

Saturday, December 8

Produce samples!

Stop by today to sample ANYTHING in the produce department between 4:30 and 6pm! Persimmons, pomegranates, apples and zucchini, try it all. Or bring your produce related questions and chat.

Saturday, November 17

Just Local Food Job Opportunity

Just Local Food is hiring! We're looking for a Finance Coordinator/Bookkeeper.

The Finance Coordinator is responsible for all aspects of the Finance Department as well as the day-to-day bookkeeping operations including but not limited to: A/P, A/R, Money Handling, Payroll, Record-keeping, Account Monitoring and Tax Monitoring. The ideal candidate will have financial experience and formal education with a minimum 2 year Associate's Degree in Accounting, experience with Quick Books and Microsoft Office software, the ability to produce accurate, detailed reports and experience working as part of a team. Please send your resume and cover letter to Jen at Just Local Food Cooperative, 1117 South Farwell Street, Eau Claire, WI 54703. For a full job description, click on the following links:

Just Local Foods Bookkeeper Job Description

Just Local Foods Finance Coordinator Job Description

Friday, November 16

Turkey Bread!

Turkey Bread!!
3.5 pounds of your favorite breads from Bohemian Oven, in the shape of a turkey. You’re sure to be the hit of your Thanksgiving gathering.
Sign up to order through Sunday, November 18.
Bread will be delivered fresh on Tuesday.

Gobble Gobble!

Saturday, November 10



From Good Earth Farms (Milladore, WI): Pasture-raised, antibiotic-free, ORGANIC-certified broad breasted white turkeys will arrive FROZEN at a time yet to be determined.  These birds will range from 10-18 pounds, though nearly all are likely to be in the 13-15 pound range.  $5.49/pound.

From Kadejan Market (Glenwood, MN): Pasture-raised broad breasted white turkeys will arrive FRESH beginning Tuesday, November 20th.  These birds come in two-pound increments from 10-26 pounds (10-12, 12-14, 14-16...).  $2.99/pound.

If you would like a turkey or have questions about turkeys, please reply to Nik at: or place your order on the clipboard, presently attached to Freezer Door Number One.

Want something other than turkey?  (Smoked ham, leg-of-lamb, prime rib, crown roast, rabbit, grassfed buffalo, chicken, chicken parts, duck, smoked duck, or goose?)  We either have it in stock or will do our best to get it.

Many thanks!

Monday, November 5

Attention Health, Beauty and General Merchandise Customers!  We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience while our store is undergoing expansion.  Most of our health and beauty, and general merchandise products are currently packed away waiting to make their appearance on new shelving.  Please be patient.  Our staff would be happy to assist with product they have access to, otherwise we would ask kindly that you continue to check back until the product you are seeking has found a home on new shelving.  Thanks for your understanding. 

Sunday, October 28

JLF to close for our reset!

Dear Loyal JLF Supporters,

Thanks to your continued support we are able to improve the quality of our existing space!

In order to do that, we close tonight at 7pm and will reopen Tuesday, October 30 with a new look and loads of new equipment!

Thanks again to all of you, our guests, customers, farmers, vendors, suppliers, families and friends! You make this all possible!

For more information or to see a few photos, check out our Facebook page!


The JLF Crew

Saturday, September 29

A Great Way to Help a Fellow Local Food Coop

In the spirit of cooperation, we encourage you to attend Farm-to-Table to help the Good Egg Food Co-op raise funds. All proceeds directly fund their efforts to open a store front in Durand in 2013. Prepare for delicious locally produced food, beautiful scenery, good people, music to dance to, a silent auction with items you will want to bid on and, of course, fire twirlers. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 22

HARVEST FESTIVAL, Thursday September 27, 4-7pm!!!

We are honored to work with all of the great many farmers,butchers, brewers, bakers, artists, artisans, entrepreneurs, distributors, and tradesfolk, who have labored to improve our land, secure our economy,beautify our community, and keep our bodies fed and healthy.
Howdy Friends,

Just Local Food will be celebrating the fall harvest and you are invited to join in the merriment this *Thursday, September 27th,from 3-7 pm* in the parking lot at 1117 South Farwell.

*Food, beer, and live music will be provided*, including (but not limited to): 
-Music by Caleb Horne and Phil Circle (Eau Claire)

-Sauerkraut-making and vegetable fermentation by Noel Kroeplin (Eau Claire)

-Pan-fried pork chops, smoked hocks, and wild rice brats from the Deutsch Family Farm (Osseo)

-Wonderfully soft and chewy breads, cookies, scones, and pie from Vagabond Bakery (Menomonie)

-Organically-grown heirloom apples from Blackberry Hills CSA Farm (Wheeler)

-Fresh, seasonal produce from Blue Ox Farm (Mondovi)

-Sweet, spicy, crunchy almonds from Barsy's Almonds (St. Paul, MN)

-Marieke's award-winning gouda from Holland's Family Cheese (Thorp)

-Uber-local pizza from the good folks at Big Donkey (all pizzas still $4.99 each for the month of September!)

-Potently flavorful olive salsa from Becki's and granola from her Mom (Eau Claire)

-And, of course, Lazy Monk's quintessential autumn lager, the
smooth-as-caramel Oktoberfest (Eau Claire)

*Thanks to all of you!*

See you at the store!

Amy Goodman @ Just Local Food

Amy Goodman came in the store with Denis and wanted some good local food to eat on their drive.  They chose Water Street Deli's delicious Hummus and a package of Gluten Free Roasted Garlic crackers from Potter's Crackers.  Two great choices!  Amy was so intrigued with the gluten free crackers that she opened them up and had a bite.  She loved them!

Thank you Amy, Denis, Sarah, Sam @ Water Street Deli, and Nancy @ Potter's Crackers!

Thursday, September 20


September marks the 6th Annual

Click the link above to learn more from the event's organizer, Second Opinion Magazine and learn how to win great prizes (including gift certificates to Just Local Food). We have free issues in the store as well as goodie bags with lots of 'Eat Local' information.

And, check out two articles featuring Produce Manager, Bob and our suppliers:Blue Ox Farm, Pleasant Valley Produce and Produce Worker, Noel


Friday, September 14

Savings on Tomatoes

If there is ever a time you wanted to can or freeze tomatoes this weekend is it!

Just Local Food can save you a bundle on large, ripe, sweet "no spray - Amish grown" tomatoes - but they are going fast!

We already sold over a dozen 1/2 bushel cases(approx. 25 pounds) for only $15.00!!! 

If we run out we can see if we can place an order so that you get them by Sunday - or later next week.

Come on by ASAP and grab a case or two(12 case are here now).

Word coming in from some customers is that these are great tasting tomatoes that make great sauce. They make fantastic Salsa too!

Monday, September 10

Vagabond Bakery

Vagabond bakery delivers fresh-baked scones, cookies and bread to Just Local Food on Monday and Thursdays! They strive to use fresh, local and organic ingredients and bake some delicious treats. They even use lard in their molasses cookies!

Wednesday, August 22

Grilled Figs with Blue Cheese and Honey (Higos a la plancha con queso azul y miel)

Nuria, one of our friends is currently in Spain and has sent us a very appetizing and delicious way to eat figs. She also has a blog that everyone should visit for amazing recipes and stories that bring food alive. Below are her email and blog -

Greetings from Spain to all my friends from Just Local.
I made a couple of recipes with figs. I am attaching a link to my blog:


Tuesday, August 21

We have figs!


In ancient Greece Figs were regarded with such esteem that laws were created forbidding the export of the best quality figs.

Not only do we have the best quality figs in town - we have all 3 organic varieties!

only $4.99 per pint

Black Mission - Brown Turkey - Kadota

Also sold at 10% discount for the case of 12. Just ask at the counter for your discount!

Saturday, August 18

Check Out Some Value Saving (coop)ons in Volume One!!

Check out Volume One's Beer and Cheese Issue to find (coop)ons for Big Donkey Pizza, Lazy Monk Beer, Potter's Crackers, and Marieke Gouda!  We know you will love the taste and the savings.

Friday, August 10

We'd Appreciate Your Vote!

Do you have a little extra time today?  How about heading over to the Volume One website and voting for your favorite local food cooperative in 2012's 'Best of the Chippewa Valley'?
We're nominated for: Best Employer, Best Green Business, Best Grocery Store, Best Health-Related Business, Best Home & Garden Business, Best Place to buy Alcohol, Best Shop for Gifts and Best Wellness Business.
Thanks for all your support!

Friday, August 3


We have (LOTS) of pickling cucumbers, pickling dill, pickling spice, onions and garlic to make... DILL PICKLES!
(I also like to add banana peppers and onion...)

Head over to our Facebook page to share your favorite pickle recipes or ingredients!

Here's a super-duper easy refrigerator pickle recipe to get you started!

Refrigerator Dill Pickles...from the kitchen of One Perfect Bite courtesy of Bobby Flay

  • 1-1/2 cups distilled white vinegar
  • 1/4 to 1/3 cup granulated sugar
  • 4 teaspoons kosher salt
  • 1 teaspoon mustard seeds
  • 1 teaspoon coriander seeds
  • 3/4 teaspoon dill seeds
  • 2 cups hot water
  • 2 pounds pickling cucumbers, (slice the large cucumbers lengthwise into quarters... or pickle the little cucumbers hole)
  • 3/4 cup coarsely chopped fresh dill
  • 3 cloves garlic, coarsely chopped


1) Combine vinegar, sugar, salt, mustard seeds, coriander seeds and dill seeds in a heatproof bowl. Add hot water and stir until sugar dissolves and liquid is clear. Cool to room temperature.
2) Place cucumbers, garlic and dill in a large bowl. Toss to combine. Pour brine over all and turn to coat cucumbers. Cover them with a plate to weigh them down and keep them covered in brine. Cover bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight, stirring once or twice. Transfer to an airtight container and store for up to two weeks. Yield: 1 quart.

Wednesday, July 18


Just Local Food Cooperative, a worker-owned, and collectively-managed grocery store in downtown Eau Claire, Wisconsin is looking to hire a full-time Storekeeper to join our team of worker-owners.

Candidates should offer flexible hours, have strong customer service experience and a long-term interest in sustainable food and food systems.

Storekeeper responsibilities include opening and closing the store, cashiering, customer service, general upkeep and store maintenance.  Pay starts at $8 per hour.

Retail grocery, natural foods, and/or cooperative experience preferred.  Ownership opportunities available.

Candidates should submit a cover letter (including availability), resume, and three professional/character references and contacts by August 27th, 2012.

Direct materials to Human Resources or e-mail:

Just Local Food Cooperative
1117 South Farwell
Eau Claire, WI 54701